Welcome to the 'Core Values & Beliefs' Assessment.


We are sure you will find all self explanatory.

There are two sets of questions "Values" & "Beliefs", as you complete the "Values" questions you will be taken straight to "Beliefs". 

It is not possible to break and come back later, both sets of questions must be completed one after the other without interruption.

As you work through questions, the validity of your answers is improved by answering quickly.

Be as quick as you are able, deciding if you agree or disagree with the statement, and click the relevant button.

As soon as you have clicked on your choice the next statement will be presented.

The questions do have a time limit.


Values Introduction

Complete all 84 questions in less 15 minutes.

Once you have chosen to agree or disagree your decision cannot be changed, there is only one pass through of the 84 questions.

Click the Start button below to commence the Assessment.


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