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Saxtons provide executive coaching that guarantees to deliver results you can measure. Please see what others have said about their experience of our system that delivers an emotional resilience, which is essential in these times of constant challenge in the market.

We will produce a Plan for the team that will deliver improved performance within your existing development plan, and to your timetable.

For total peace of mind, so that you know your budget is invested for a definite return, we offer a unique money back guarantee. If you don't see tangible results and a measurable improvement in your business performance, we will return your investment.

The entire process is aimed at increasing the effectiveness and proficiency of key personnel within your team who may require a level of mentoring, and all coaching is conducted within a relaxed and focused environment with thorough preparation.



  • Individually tailored
  • Totally confidential
  • Measurable results
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Thorough preparation and follow-up
  • Money Back Guarantee


Our coaching involves measuring the individual’s performance and ability levels using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

From there we identify the links between ability and performance. This produces a comprehensive report on the individual’s strengths and areas for development.

Whilst the coaching sessions remain totally confidential there will be a degree of liaison with the sponsor to appraise the existing situation and assess their expectations of what they hope the coaching will deliver. This will provide a benchmark for results. This enables the individual to compile an action plan and provide efficient ongoing reporting mechanisms.

The relationship between the coach, the client and the sponsor is key to the successful implementation of the plan.

The follow-up process takes place within a week of the session and continues until the agreed results have been achieved or until a next phase of development has been identified.

We help individuals to become more rapidly ‘tuned in’ to change and be more able to identify opportunities to improve their own performance and that of the business within which they operate.

Many of our clients are very senior executives who have tried other business improvement routes without success. Without fail we can take them to a new level, and this has contributed to our high referral rates and excellent reputation.

Saxton Partners Full Coaching Process

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