Career Management is about understanding that things change, and you and your team would like a little help in shaping the next steps. We will explore:

  • Your ultimate goal in life and what that looks like
  • What you want it to get for you, and those around you
  • What motivates you, and what maintains your interest when faced with daily challenges
  • The structure for creating stepping-stones to the Career that’s right for you. We work with our partners in delivering a career that will deliver what you need to make your plans a reality.

You will know you need a Career Change when you rate 5 or more on the quiz below

Study the questions below and rate yourself on the basis that 10 means you are optimistic about the way forward, and 1 if you Extremely concerned

Very Optimistic
Extremely Concerned

How do you feel when you look at your Career prospects?

What levels of frustration are you experiencing in your existing employment?

Feel work/life balance is seriously unbalanced?

You feel you are moving from job to job without progression?

If you score 5 or more, Saxton Partners can make the future look much more optimistic by 

Providing individual reports

1) Detailing what personally will motivate you in a career, and where you might seek those opportunities

Develop confidence

2) Help you let go of anything that holds you back in an individual coaching session

Work/Life Balance

3) Enable you to structure a means of creating balance between your life outside work and

Structure Stepping Stones

4) Help you map out a Plan for how you will reach your ultimate destination, and help
source the right job to achieve that.


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