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Claire Farley, Managing Director says:

This has given me confidence to deal with any issues that people might have. I learned a huge amount about my own communication skills and when you understand that, you can help others and build relationships a lot more quickly.

Jo Towler, Sales Director at local Radio station Greatest Hits says:

This taught me how to handle any situation, personally and professionally. It particularly helps you with asking 'What is your outcome?'. This is an investment in yourself and it's phenomenal.

Jamie Boyd, Managing Director from Today Team says:

I now work better with my team and get more from them. The Course was fantastic and backed up with lots of great content that you can refer to. I recommend you do this Course.

Julie Roberts, Financial Director at Christeyns says:

It helped me understand how people think; what their aspirations are. It also helps with recruitment and getting the best out of all your people.

Andrew Marshall, Clinical Government Administrator at NHS says:

The benefits of working with Sonia has helped rebuild my confidence lost over recent years - working in very challenging roles and environments. What’s different that made it stand out are techniques using visualisation skills, highlighted early on in the process. This helps a lot in visualising how to overcome challenges faced in the workplace. I would recommend Sonia working with you. With her it helped me change my outlook on life, work and my career, additionally, managing stress really well, improving life both inside and outside of work.

Karen Bowler HR Tsys – director of client service support working for a large company in the Payments Technology industry says:

Before embarking on the coaching process I had several conversations with Sonia to understand if the areas of professional and personal development that I was looking to work on would be a good fit for this type of results driven approach. Sonia helped me to identify self-limiting beliefs that were preventing me from maximizing my performance and impacting how I felt about myself and situations I experienced day-to-day. We worked together to overcome those self-limiting.

Customer testimonial on coaching

#nlpqualifications; listen to what Ben Woodhouse says about the benefits of this #coaching qualification for #leaders. Just two spaces left.

Adam Davison Talks About NLP International Diploma as a 'Game Changer'

Adam Davison, MD of TrinityU, who is a Business Coach talks about how the NLP Diploma gave him a set of tools for any given situation. He says the Course is delivered like a set of building blocks that he could apply after each module, enabling him to really understand what others are about.

Helen Michael, "A hand held experience through to Success"

Helen Michael looks after HR and Operations in the UK for Waterland, a Private Equity Company. She explains how she has seen a massive impact as a result of using the tools she has learned on the International Advanced Diploma in Neuro-Linguistics, and now ‘has the bug’ for new learning and going on to ‘Master’ the tools.

This is Andy Hilditch and Peter Littleton, Technical Directors at Christeyns Hygiene talking about the benefits they experienced studying a qualification with Saxton’s that enables them to ‘read others’ and learn about how others think.

You can find a separate video on the website telling you more about this qualification. It is the International Diploma in managing culture and Coaching. This is a small select group that each year studies the tools that enable you to make a real difference to your Leadership and guarantee results when coaching.

Covid 19 information

During the pandemic a number of clients have found it increasingly difficult to work from home.  For example one client found that he was suffering a sense of isolation because he spent most of his day working form a makeshift office in the attic. 

It was suggested that he schedule his day to include breaks for a walk around the block; schedule more time with his family to share meals, and make a list of things he was looking forward to doing, such as going for a meal with those in his ‘bubble’; plan a holiday in the Uk; set himself a goal for completing his training for competing in a marathon, when covid settles down etc. 

It was explained the key things for sanity are:

A – Have a schedule for each day that includes breaks
B – Make sure that you set a stretching goal for your exercise routine
C – Everyone needs something to look forward to; plan for a holiday in the UK where you can safely social distance with your family, or those in your ‘bubble’.


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