James Woffendin - Cameron

This will open up your mind how others see you and how you can be in control of that message.

Paul Hunter - Sun Alliance

Thanks for all the individual coaching you gave me, which made managing and developing my team so much easier.

David Bailey - Parker Hannifin

“SAXTON PARTNERS' have made a significant impact on the development and effectiveness of a number of senior executives in Parker Hannifin. Saxton Partners offer expert resources with a unique ability to help executives dramatically improve their personal performance, inter-cultural relationships and business focus with a definite P&L effect".

Gary Stewart - Northern Rail

“Gave me a level of confidence that previously was not possible. Having something that was guaranteed and specifically tailored to my needs really worked.”

Cathy Murton - Which

"The coaching I received from Saxton's has been a truly positive experience. I was sceptical at first, but once I met Sonia and started to work with her I instantly wanted to learn more! My colleagues have commented on my increased confidence, which in turn, has been invaluable in enabling me to truly enjoy my demanding role and make the most of new opportunities that have since come my way. It has made me realise my abilities, fulfil my goals and really relish juggling the myriad of challenges that we all face at work and at home on a daily basis. I would highly recommend the courses and coaching that Saxton's offer and believe that there really is something for everyone. The time spent 'away from the office' quickly pays dividends when you return!

Lee Winterbottom - Cameron

“This was great value for money. I tried other things but this actually worked”

Laura Skelly - Camerons

“This Programme has helped me concentrate on myself. It is really motivating and a very worthwhile”

Elaine Ball - MDL

“This coaching helped me understand more about myself and therefore more about how to manage my staff.”

Stephen Robinson - Cameronv

“Initially I was a little apprehensive as to what the one to one coaching would entail, but having gone through it would encourage everyone to embrace it as allows you to reflect on your own performance and make the necessary improvements to become a better leader. This has made a big impact on my outlook on life (both business and personal) and has made Management of my team much easier.”

Paul McGrady - Cyfarwyddwr Adnoddau

I found the course to be challenging and rewarding. There’s a lot to take in and it can take you out of your comfort zone. It made me much more self-aware and so has changed the way I manage. The results of the final practical session were, frankly, amazing. If you approach it with a positive attitude you will learn loads and be a better manager at the end.