CORE® Diagnostic Tool

CORE® is a unique diagnostic tool that assesses the motivations and behaviours that drives growth in the team. In less than half an hour online, it will provide detailed reports, including:

  • Overview Graph of Motivations and Behaviours
  • Motivations driven by their value system; explaining how they think and what they are good at.
  • Twelve areas of behaviour that are helping/hindering growth in your business.

An Employers Perspective on what it takes to maintain motivation.

This can be produced for an individual or teams to show

  1. The potential being used in the team.
  2. What the motivations are in the team and where the gaps are, if any.
  3. Which behaviours are temporarily getting in the way of performance, and how to resolve.

CORE Development

Having over twenty years experience in the insurance industry created a focus on assessing risk and how you could minimise it. She met with many clever people on the way when she set the company up in 1999 and soon discovered that she could measure behaviour that wins or loses in a very precise way. This produced a product called CORE. This measures in less than half an hour seven ways in which someone is motivated and the twelve areas of behaviour such as defensiveness and blaming each other that get in the way of an individual and business performing.