Case Study - Pharmaceutical - West Midlands

Background: A Team of senior Managers in one of the largest companies in the Pharmaceutical industry had become institutionalised in their thinking and they needed to think outside the box, to remain competitive in the market. There was also an issue about the way the team communicated their strategy which slowed down implementation of new ideas.

What did we do?

  • We implemented a series of five Workshops that addressed these issues. For example
  • Speaking to one another on the replica watches same wavelength
  • Imagineering for strategy
  • How to initiate action that guaranteed results

In addition to this we offered individual coaching for those who replica cartier watches had inhibiting beliefs blocking performance. This resulted in a third of the team having individual time with an Executive Coach. This included issues such as.

  • Having increased confidence to approach situations outside their comfort zone.
  • Managing a performance issue where they didn’t know how to access the ‘cause’ of non performance.
  • A realisation that there was something about them that cheap fake rolex watches switched people off.

The Result?

  • Company Survey of Communications specified that before the Workshops 48% of their team were positive about communications. This increased to 73% when the Programme was in its last month of fake watches being completed.
  • In an extremely competitive market, the Management Team through their people have achieved the highest market share for one of their toughest products to sell to 60.54%. Previously 38%.
    Managers cascaded training throughout their own teams which resulted in increased Replica Breguet Watches figures across the board.

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